Podcast: How Moment Factory Became One Of The World’s Top Multimedia Agencies

August 8, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Two more podcast interviews went sideways on me – at the last minute – in the past week. But as I type this, I have two and perhaps three set up for the next 24 hours, here in Montreal.

So … we’re in rerun mode again this week. But it is a GREAT repeat chat.

I am in Montreal for the Digital Signage Federation mixer tonight (and board meetings this week). The feature speaker at the mixer is Amahl Hazelton from Moment Factory, so it seems appropriate to have his boss back up on the 16:9 Podcast this week.

Fantastic creative is at the heart of any great digital signage project, and when I am asked to rattle off the names of creative shops capable of doing top-level work, Moment Factory is automatically in there.

The Montreal-based creative technology group has evolved from a small collective doing VJing and just, basically, have a fun doing cool stuff, to arguably being the premier multimedia shop on the planet for jobs that involve big screens and projection mapping.

Moment’s people projection-mapped the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. That’s their work in the LAX International Terminal. And at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Moment Factory did the reasonably modest, but awesome, ceiling display in Oakley’s flagship store in New York.

Moment does digital signage, but they also do live shows on cruise ships, light up bridges and even design multi-purpose media systems for stadiums.

Saky Bessette, Moment’s creative director and one of the founders, was kind enough to take a few minutes from his crazy work days to talk about a company that now has 250 people and offices all over the world, and the thinking behind all that great work.

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Source: Changi Airport Group

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