LED Canopies, Facades, Columns And Bulkheads Sync’d To Light Up New Madrid Mall

July 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is what looks to be a very impressive integration of big digital into a shopping mall environment, at a new development in Madrid, Spain.

Plaza Rio 2 is a 40,000 sq. meter retail and leisure development along a riverfront. The gateway is a blonde granite and glass curtain façade, with terracing, and a very large, transparent LED screen.

The double-height mall has a glazed skylight and an LED cloud that supplements the natural light.

The support columns are wrapped in LED, as is the bulkhead on the the second-level of the atrium.

The project architects are Chapman Taylor and the digital stuff – at least the content – is done by a company called NECSUM.

Here’s a second video:

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