iBase Releases Rugged, Stretched Panel PCs For Digital Signage On Buses, Railcars

July 23, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Someone will likely correct me, but this is the first time I at least remembering seeing one of those skinny, stretched LCDs with a full PC embedded inside – in this case for mass transport systems.

The Taiwan industrial PC maker iBase has a new all-in-one 27.6-inch “railway-certified” bar-type panel PC, powered by a Pentium N4200 Quad Core processor and Intel HD Graphics.

The units are aimed primarily at passenger information systems for trains and buses, and are EN50155-compliant, a standard based on being able to run happily despite all the vibration and bumps a train car or bus will have day-in and out.

These bar-type displays, as they grown to be called, are not new to the market, but I don’t recall seeing ones with PCs or SoCs built in. But could easily be wrong here.


  1. I have seen such a bar type displays in almost all the public transport vehicles, but yes the screens with inbuild PCs is new.

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