The Tech Behind Those Furiously-Spinning LED Holograph-ish Hypervsn Walls

July 4, 2018 by Dave Haynes

I’ve been to a few trade shows now where the fast-spinning LED light sticks – marketed as Hypervsn – attract big crowds and have a lot of people whipping out their phone cameras. The technology definitely creates buzz, so I wanted to know more about the technology and the company behind it.

It uses the phenomena of persistence of vision to create motion visuals that have dimension to them – a sort of hologram.

When these things were one-off blades – like wall fans – I saw no real commercial opportunity. But Kino-mo, the London, UK company behind Hypervsn, has now figured out a way to sync multiple units and create very large motion displays. That changes things.

I spoke with company co-founder Art Stavenka at InfoComm, and asked him some fairly pointed questions about reliability of devices that are furiously spinning all day long. Digital signage ops people don’t like moving parts, and this has a lot of them.

It’s a relatively short chat, by the normal standards of this podcast, but worth a listen if you’ve seen this tech and want to learn more.

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