Sound In Digital Signage?: Screenfeed Sees Market For Audio-Driven Sports Packages

June 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Screenfeed has done sports updates for as long as its been doing subscription content for digital signage networks, but the Twin Cities company is now offering sports video highlight, interview and commentary packages that are built around audio.

The company this week pushed out a notice to customers saying:

Score the attention of the sports fans in your audience with these short-form videos featuring exclusive interviews, in-game footage, studio commentary, and more. The short format is ideal for digital signage networks, as it provides value to viewers with dwell times ranging from a few minutes, to a few hours. Meanwhile, the comprehensive coverage of MBA, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA leagues, and players creates the opportunity to increase the appeal, and relevance of your messaging.

I asked Screenfeed founder Jeremy Gavin, what was up, since the general rule of thumb is that digital signage is a non-audio format – owing to the dynamics of locations and the repetitive, drive-staff-insane nature of content programming.

“My data would show that our user base with audio turned ON would be less than 20%,” Gavin confirms. “This content is really aimed at waiting rooms and lobbies – we don’t see it being huge anywhere else other than gas pumps and other interesting places that may not have the scale.”

“We do have some customers that have screens in lobbies at scale, especially in medical waiting rooms,” he adds. “We’re launching not only this product, but in a few weeks, we’ll reveal a lot more video content requiring audio. This offering is meeting the needs of new opportunities we already have in place, which will grow, but it will also help to reach a slightly different customer set than we have, so far.”

There will be about 100 new pieces a week, and like the rest of Screenfeed’s content, it can come in to network servers and screens using a variety of automated delivery methods.

Like the rest of Screenfeed’s offer, this new stuff looks great.

  1. The market for audio-driven sports packages will go to work only for restrooms and lobbies, so what will be the next expanded area there?

  2. Sound is now possible for digital signage and public TV via smartphones. With a technology called “Private Sound”, individuals can listen by holding smartphones to ears or using earbuds. The lip-sync error issue has been fixed. Sound can increase engagement and improve the promotional effectiveness of digital signage. Current targeted applications are sports bars and museums. Retail is next. See

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