LG Expands Its Range Of OLED Options

June 14, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Just going back through my notes and pix from last week at InfoComm, and remembered how the focal point of LG’s big, impressive booth was OLED displays.

The tech has been around for a while now, and LG continues to be the only major display company to drive organic displays as a commercial option.


There were a LOT of people stopping, staring and taking pix of a tandem transparent OLED that was on a moving track that separated and joined them. The company also had a smaller version of the OLED canyon design (see top) it did at CES five months earlier.

I spoke with a couple of LG guys who say the company is very serious about the commercial prospects of OLED, which looks amazing but is very much a premium product. You won’t likely see, for example, OLEDs going in as the menu boards at your local burger or coffee chain.

LG now has a 65-inch “Wallpaper” OLED (before now it was just a 55-incher) that does 4K Ultra HD and wall-mounts using a skinny bracket and magnets. Yeah … magnets.

There is also, now, a 65-inch video wall OLED display available in 4K. Can’t find specs but the company touts an “even thinner overlap bezel seam. By reducing the bezel seam.”

LG already has a 55-inch open frame OLED (open frame means no enclosure) that does Full HD and is floppy enough to create curves, like with that OLED canyon.

Confused by OLED vs Samsung’s QLED?

OLED is a distinct, new technology that involves organic light emitting diodes. OLED doesn’t need a backlight. The diodes are the lights. QLED is actually LCD technology and uses LED backlighting. The Q is quantum dots – an additional layer on the LCD surface that gives it the color range and depth to match up with OLED.

Both look amazing.

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