DC-area Office Tower Uses LED To Visually Energize Lobby

June 12, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is the lobby of the 31-story CEB Tower in Arlington, Virginia, in the immediate orbit of Washington, DC.

The building’s centerpiece visual is a 19 feet high by 38 feet wide 4mm pitch LED wall that fronts and wraps around the end of the facade of the elevator shaft. It uses Sansi’s LED technology and content developed at the launch and more recently by Austin, TX-based Sensory Interactive.

“By creating content that reflects the seasons and acknowledges holidays and special events, we can add an element of surprise and some unexpected delight to the display,” says Sensory Interactive Associate Director Christopher Graefe.

“The reaction to the pieces we launched this spring has been extremely positive,” continues Graefe. “It’s common to see people in the lobby taking photos of themselves in front of the display. The dramatic size and vibrant resolution of the display already transform the space, and when you add the element of timeliness to the equation, it further increases people’s excitement about the experience.”

Recent content includes the piece, above, honoring Memorial Day and another promoting the success of the Washington Capitals, presumably not showing Alexander Ovechkin on a legendary bender (funny stuff, look it up). 

This is nice stuff, and is indicative of how buildings are turning to LED walls as a way of making changeable visual statements. Put in a fountain or a big sculpture in a lobby, and you are kinda stuck with it. Put in LED, and changes can happen as often as needed.

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