Call Out For Digital Artists To Populate Digital Signage Screens At NYC’s Fulton Center

June 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes


The team behind the massive digital signage network at the Fulton Center subway station in New York have put a call out for visual artists who want to show their new media work on many screens in and around the facility.

MTA Arts & Design wants to “establish a deep pool of fresh new media artists to be considered for upcoming installations and opportunities at Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan and other digital assets across the MTA network.”

“Professional Artists working with digital media with prior experience on multiple channel installation, and capable of creating a dynamic environment with moving images, are encouraged to apply,” says a press release. “Through the Digital Arts Program, MTA Arts & Design works regularly with new media artists to produce eye-catching, moving art pieces that engage customers in an immediate way.

The Westfield Fulton Center network has 44 LCD video walls, and nine large direct view LED displays. There are one and two minute loops of news feeds, sports, weather, advertising, transit information and digital art.

“The network at Fulton Center requires a good deal of back-end synchronization for the art content to display as designed,” said Yaling Chen, Deputy Director and leader of the Digital Art team at MTA Arts & Design. “For that reason alone, we strongly recommend that artists looking to apply visit the installation in situ, or on our website prior to applying if at all possible,” added Chen.

The facility and the digital artists worked with to date have won a number of awards, including three Apex awards handed out at Digital Signage Expo.

Here’s one of the pieces involved in the Apex awards …

A selection panel of arts and design professionals will review submitted materials, finalists will be selected, and those artists who get chosen will get honorariums.

Project budgets and honoraria will be determined depending on the nature of the project, and may include coding, pre- and post-production. As part of this honorarium, the selected artist will be required to oversee the production and installation of the artwork, with project management by MTA Arts & Design.

Pitches have to be in by the end of this month.

More details here …

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