Projects: An LED Veil And LED Floor Energize Kuwait City Mall Expansion

May 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a series of gorgeous curved displays in The Avenues mall, a mega mall in Kuwait City.

The project, called Electra, was put together by the solutions provider StandardVision in a new part of the shopping center. There is a 360 degree, 600 square meter immersive LED video veil and an interactive LED floor.

All custom media, controls, interactive software and content were part of the LA company’s experiential solution.

Here’s a video shot at the mall (you may want to turn off your audio unless you like EDM, or whatever that is running as the soundtrack)

  1. That’s a huge project to implement, Great work by StandardVision.

  2. These type of presentation is the best way to the engaging customer. I want to congratulate StandardVision for Electra.

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