Industry Experts Rate Most Important Digital Signage Innovations And Considerations

May 7, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Digital Signage Pulse for picking up on this …

Samsung’s public information display group, presumably the European wing, did a survey with its digital signage industry panel following ISE 2018, asking 40 or so industry people what they saw and what excited them at the show.

Not surprisingly, the bling of The Wall – Samsung’s micro LED display wall that was also a big buzz-generator at CES – got a lot of attention. I assume it will be shown at InfoComm in a few weeks, as well.

“Digital signage industry experts,” the survey found, “are most excited about bezel-less displays (video walls), interactive signage (IWB) and LED (fine-pitch displays) developments.”

“There was considerable excitement from respondents about the ultra-narrow and bezel-less video walls on display, and the high-impact, interactive displays this technology enables. Interactive displays were also mentioned repeatedly as they can drive engagement. As the interactive signage (IWB) technology offers more intuitive and seamless collaboration, there was much interest from corporate and educational customers.”

Getting into the technical weeds a bit, interactive and bezel-less displays were regarded as “the most significant technological development – no doubt due to their ability to enhance user engagement and offer more creative ways to deliver messages through digital signage.

Low power outdoor signage seemed to be more popular with signage stakeholders, perhaps due to its ability to cut the cost of ownership and usefulness for smart city applications.

In terms of display technology, both 4K and Quantum Dots are attracting attention, while 8K still looks to be in an early adoption phase.”

It is somewhat encouraging that buyers are now sophisticated enough about the tech to be looking at overall costs and not just upfront costs: “It appears that end users are much more sensitive to the total cost of ownership, incentivizing the industry to work on solutions that lower this cost, such as reducing power usage and integrated units without separate media players.”

The full survey results are here …


  1. I am always eager to see the future of interactive displays. How far beyond it will go and how it will work during this.
    thanks for sharing.

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