DSF’s European Wing Announces New Leadership

May 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The European wing of the Digital Signage Federation – DSF Europe – has announced a new leadership set-up.

Dirk Huelsermann is stepping back from his long-running position as chairman (since inception nine years ago as OVAB Europe) and the organization will now have a President as its head.

Simon Jackson, VP Strategic & Vertical Sales EMEA for NEC Display Solutions, is the newly elected President and the new VP of DSF Europe is Leif Liljebrunn, President and CEO of ZetaDisplay AB. Huelsermann, the Managing Director of STRATACACHE Capital, will still be involved, but as Chairman Emeritus.

“With this announcement, the aim is to help rejuvenate DSF Europe and continue to build a solid foundation that works on behalf of our members,” says Huelsermann. “The affiliation with the DSF will allow us to offer our members additional educational and professional development opportunities.”

“I would like to thank Mr. Huelsermann for his work on growing this organization,” says Jackson. “Soon we will be announcing our programming plan for the remainder of 2018 and encourage our members, and potential members, to connect with us at an upcoming event.”

“The ability for business to share collaboratively on growing our industry within a global network is important,” says DSF Chairman Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy for NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. “Our issues extend across borders and a strong DSF Europe is important to all our stakeholders, whether they are in the Americas or elsewhere.”

The European wing is supported and endorsed by the DSF, but operates independently. Their members focus on issues within a specific European context, but receive certain benefits from the shared membership, like access to information and discounts for professional development.

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