Christie Debuts Extremely Narrow Bezel Video Wall LCDs

May 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Display tech companies have not entirely given up on marketing narrow bezel LCDs for video walls, even though the prevailing wisdom is that fine pitch LED will take over as prices drop.

There’s still a significant gap, though, unless you want to cross your fingers, toes and eyes and buy from a Shenzhen company with no support outside China and dodgy electronics and LED chips.

For now, LCD is less cost and delivers fabulously crisp resolutions that aren’t really possible in smaller display walls, using LED.

Christie sells both technologies, as well as display cubes and projector systems, and is coming out with what it calls extremely narrow bezel displays, with a 1.8mm combined bezel (seam) between the adjoined LCDs. For the metric-impaired, that gap is a bit more than than the thickness of a penny and a bit less than the thickness of a nickel.

With the right content, those seams are not a big visual deal – though lotsa end-users are shifting to LED because there really are no seams.

The ingeniously-named Extreme Series lineup of LCDs, focused on 49-incher LCDs, has advanced panel matching and are 24/7 rated. The integrated electronics support video wall scaling up to a 10×10 configuration and 4K multi-stream transport across up to four panels. Additionally, Smart Light Control automatically adjusts the brightness of each panel across the video wall for uniformity and consistent performance for the life of the video wall.

The Christie FHD493-XE is compatible with the Christie Phoenix EP, an embedded processing solution, via an OPS slot. The Christie Phoenix EP installs directly into the FHD493-XE to process network sources, decode and manage video and data sources on multiple Christie panels.

The panels start shipping in July but ;et’s assume you will be able to ogle them at InfoComm in June.


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