Projects: Giant LED Tower Visually Dominates Central Court In Oman Mall

April 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The is what’s touted as the biggest LED tower in the Middle East, a 40-foot tall by 15 foot wide structure that also has an LED floor surround, now up and running at the Muscat Grand Mall in Oman.

The tower which used 4mm LEDs and adds up to 263 square meters of visual canvas, and 16.5 million individual pixels. The project was put together by UK-based Dynamo LED Displays.

Says a press piece from Dynamo:

A further 10 smaller LED columns have also been installed that measure 4.608m tall with each side 1.024m wide.

Custom made interactive content is integrated with IOS and Android apps as well as 2 docking stations either side of the main tower, which allow visitors to interact with both the LED displays and many other aspects of the shopping mall.

* Once downloaded, the app allows the shopping centre to send notifications of special events, adverts for stores located at the shopping centre and even discount vouchers.

* The apps can also be used as a map so people can enter the location of a shop they are trying to find and the sensors we installed around the mall will direct them to wherever they need to go via the map on the app.

* App also been integrated with screens so that people can upload selfies and Tweet, tag Facebook friends and upload photos to Instagram.

* We have also integrated the apps and docking stations with the LED displays, so that children (or even adults) can play interactive or augmented reality games on them using either camera technology or using the mobile device as a controller.

* Emergency messages can be sent to all screens and smartphones, such as fire evacuation and missing child alerts.

  1. Bertrand says:

    As the central court is the unique space with high value of branding in a shopping mall, more and more owner of mall will adopt this new digital canvas.

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