Reminder: DSF Mixer Coming Up May 9th In Austin, TX

April 25, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A reminder that the Digital Signage Federation is doing a Meet & Greet mixer in Austin, Texas in a couple of weeks – May 9th – and the organizations is hoping to pull a good crowd – notably in a tech-savvy start-up mecca.

The event runs at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin, starting at 6.

There’s a small fee – $20 for DSF members, end-users or people attending the Geopath/OAAA conference that’s on in Austin around the same time. $40 if you have no workaround.

There will be speakers, and they look like good ones. Here’s the abstract:

Meaningful Analytics, Machine Learning + AI: Next Generation Approaches to Creating Data Driven Experiences

It takes more than basic demographics and location based data to create authentic personalized DOOH content, Understanding true consumer needs, wants and priorities by observing unsolicited-unaided consumer commentary, reviews and discussions = conversations, raises the bar for genuine interaction when it comes to personalization at scale. Learn about the latest technologies + methodologies being used to create next generation, data driven experiences at scale by two leading experts in the field. CEO John Dubois of Oculus360 and Managing Partner of Q Division, Manolo Almagro.

Manny is perhaps someone you’ve heard at other events, but he always has new and interesting things to say. He’s also Austin-based, so he’ll know where the best food is …

Registration page is here … 

photo credit: dingatx Rainy sunset via photopin (license)

  1. Laura Cison says:

    Should be a great conversation, AI is going to be a retail game changer and it’s already started!

    Also food & drink is included so don’t worry about missing dinner 🙂

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