Danish Company Adds Tweakable Mood Settings To Art-Based Digital Signage Service

April 14, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A small Danish company has added a new wrinkle to its fine art-based digital signage content platform – tweakable mood settings.

ArtPlayer, says a press release, can display artworks and nature pictures based on your selected mood setting: Happy, Sad, Calm, Excited, Awed, Disgusted, Angry or Afraid. This is done using artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms. The background music will also adapt to the emotional expression of the images and thus reinforce the chosen mood.

I assumed the AI/machine learning bit meant this system was setting visuals based on computer vision (video pattern detection analytics), by assigning mood based on faces looking at the screens, but that’s not what is up here.

The mood selection is done using image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

The image recognition technology can analyze an art image, says Morten Kryger, managing director of Cumedin ApS, and decide what mood category it belongs to based on brightness, contrast, edges, color, texture, layout, shape, etc.

The mood controls, the company says, can be used for edutainment in museums and libraries or to generate an appropriate ambience in locations such as hotels and restaurants, but also for improving work environment in companies. It also has wellness implications, as a mood regulation tool, or even digital medicine for patient therapy and healing, ArtPlayer suggests.

Cumedin ApS, based in Aalborg, does distribution of TV and digital signage art to airports, hotels, restaurants, libraries, and hospitals.

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