New Version Of Intuiface Works In Interactive Web Triggers From IFTTT Recipes, Zapier Apps

April 13, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The French interactive software firm Intuilab has released a new version Intuiface that now allows content to be triggered based on really common Internet of Things web triggers, like IFTTT recipes.

The company says while it has for several years supported data integration with third-party platforms, IntuiFace Version 6.2 adds Web Triggers that work with IFTTT and Zapier and means 1,000s of little apps and data recipes can automate what shows up on interactive or even static screens, without the end-users knowing a thing about writing code.

The Web Triggers function works with platforms like Evernote, Instagram, Trello, Gmail, Twist, JIRA, Salesforce, Slack, and connects an IntuiFace experience with 100s of cloud services like Alexa, iCloud, and Google Assistant.

What that means in practical terms is that popular devices like smart home assistants and smart lighting can be worked into interactive experiences, and workflows like dropping a new image into a cloud-based photo library folder would automatically add to or replace something in a touchscreen application’s image catalogue.

Very clever, and useful. The whole driver behind Intuiface is the software and platforms ability to take the cost and complication out of developing good-looking interactive applications, so adding this kind of capability makes what would seem elaborate and expensive dead-easy. Interactive “experiences” that an agency might charge a brand $125,000 to develop can be done as well or better in Intuiface, quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

I don’t really know Zapier, but IFTTT is a very well-known service that helps apps and devices work together in new ways, and a big part of that is users sharing the “recipes” that they develop. For example, a recipe could marry a users smartphone app for a ride-share service like Lyft with a smart light system or even smart speaker, and flash lights or announce verbally that the car is arriving.

IBM’s Watson Assistant will soon work with IFTTT, and by extension with an interactive Intuiface screen, which would bring sophisticated AI to something like a retail kiosk or mass transport information station.

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