How To Screw Up A Digital Signage Deployment.

April 10, 2018 by guest author, Stuart Armstrong

Guest Post: Sean Matthews, Visix

Sean Matthews

While costs are certainly coming down, a comprehensive digital signage deployment is still a chunk of change. What a shame to spend all that money and then fumble the project when it comes to getting the system up and running. Unfortunately, that happens far more often than you might think.

Organizations fail to implement their digital signage correctly, and months later they wonder why the whole thing seems to be so difficult to use or wonder why it isn’t working as well as they’d thought it would. Or, even worse, they have no way to tell if their digital signage is effective or isn’t.

Digital signage isn’t magic – simply putting in a system doesn’t automatically increase audience engagement and make an organization a great communicator. It requires serious planning and thought before, during and after deployment. Here are some common mistakes organizations make when setting up their digital signage:


You know you want a digital signage system, and how you begin will effect everything thereafter.


Planning is over, components have been purchased and now it’s time to put everything into place.


Everything is now up and ready to go. But your work is far from over.

Yes, it’s a lot of work getting a digital signage system up and running and then maintaining it. But forewarned is forearmed, and the more you think things through and give yourself room to grow and change in the future, the more pleasant the whole process will be. And a good process leads to good communication, more audience engagement and greater impact for your digital signage system.

  1. Brilliant article. You missed one though… even you when plan everything to the letter and you are 1000% satisfied, 1000% sure that everything worked perfect on your demo set-up, murphy´s law will apply. The $$$ you saved per site when selecting the switch/cable/younameit will now cost you 3000USD per site on engineer visits to power it off and back on. hehe

  2. Alex Fortin says:

    This really good and should be read by everyone as a refresher. Nice work Sean!

    Visix puts out really good industry content…gotta say they have it dialed in.

  3. That’s one perfectly explained article and a very useful for one like me, who also works in the same industry.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. James C Pierce says:

    Great article. I also work in this industry your information is on point.

  5. Derek says:

    Great article I think I have also lost count on spelling and grammar mistakes, proof reading and checking is vital. I know digital is a quick fix but I still see it about.

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