Startup Releases API For Cannabis Tech Companies, Including Digital Signage Solutions

April 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Via Pot Network

With all of Canada going to legalized cannabis this summer and more U.S. states doing so (California is roughly the same population as Canada) there will be a lot of points of sale and a lot of digital menus and promo displays over the next few years.

There’s a whole technology industry, and complementary industries, now focused on this space – but it has come up so fast the tech has been developed largely in silos. So a POS system doesn’t necessarily interface with a digital signage system or a product information system.

Pot Network, which covers guess what, has a post up about Baker, an e-commerce and CRM software start-up that has developed and made available a free API that acts as the handshake between a bunch of disparate companies in the cannabis tech ecosystem.

The Baker API, the publication reports, integrates 25 various softwares: point-of-sale POS systems like Flowhub, Green Bits, and MJ Freeway, digital signage like BudBoard, GreenScreens and BudtenderTV, and product reviews like PotGuide, Cannabiscope, and Leafly.


Baker doesn’t charge for API calls, positioning the product is purely designed as a value-added client tool. I’d assume the strategy here is making Baker the essential glue that binds the emerging industry together.

The API allows, for example, allows a cannabis retailer to post its menu once and make it available to multiple platforms that might show it, and allows those retailers to pull in content from product information and review platforms.

Being all digital, with dynamic data, means a digital signage platform can be tied to things like inventory and sales systems to post material based on conditions, like overstocks or out of supply notices.

If your digital signage company is getting into cannabis retailing in some way, this is all likely good news. Baker already has five digital signage network partners that are focused on the cannabis market.

This is a podcast with one of those companies, GreenScreens, from last fall …

  1. The relation you explained between cannabis, Digital Signage and Retail Market is the bit odd as you can replace cannabis here with any other product in the same marketplace. But if one is looking for stepping in the market with digital signage and cannabis then it’s a very useful article.

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