Menu Board Hack – Using Extending Mounts To Compensate For Bad Design

April 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Spotted by a regular reader at a food stand in T2 at SFO airport – QSR menu screens with mounts that pull the screen out from the wall recesses when they need to be serviced … except they just left them out.

Doesn’t look good, with cables hanging down, tilted screens and so on. And there’s the HBF sign that’s askew. I’m the polar opposite of OCD, but that alone makes me crazy.

It is likely this was done:

A – Because when they were put in nobody pushed the things in

B – Somebody forgot

C – Most likely, they’re extended because there is too much information rammed into those layouts, and customers can’t read them if the screens are another 8″ back from the counter.

I’d stop branding the venue on the screen (do it elsewhere), hire a graphic designer that “gets” digital menu layouts, and use that lost real estate to bump up the fonts and improve the layout.

And then push the screens back into the wall …

  1. The only thing that makes me really crazy is that the third screen is tilted down to the right… I am booking a flight right now to go and fix it… I cannot get any sleep since I saw that picture… darn OCD…

  2. It seems like they got extra money and just spent on something like they don’t even have an idea about.

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