Computer Vision Insights Used To Tweak Content And Boost Photo Booth Sales by 24%

April 6, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The biggest U.S. manufacturer and operator of digital imaging photo booths used audience and attention analytics technology to optimize marketing content on screens outside the booths and boost sales in a test case by 24%.

New York-based Innovative Foto, which owns and operates 2,400 booths nationwide, gets tens of millions of customer interactions every year in places like malls, retail stores, movie theatres, and hundreds of other consumer destinations. The booths have 43-inch flat panels on the outside wall, running messages encouraging consumers to slide in and have fun photos shot.

Last year, the company worked with the French computer vision company Quividi on a test to measure and classify the audiences around the units, with the end goal of upping conversion rates.

Innovative Foto, says a Quividi press release, wanted to understand the audience traffic at a selection of locations to confirm the messaging was enticing and resonating with the audience. They ran a two-week test where they analyzed the audience around the booth and then compared it to the purchasing and interactions times within the booth. 

With the audience data from week one, Innovative Foto had the goal during week two, to optimize the creative content played on the screen to better target the audience that was around the booth. This would be measured by tracking the changes to the attraction rate and measuring any impact on purchases.

The results were impressive: Innovative Foto increased retail purchases at their vending machines by over 24%.

Innovative Foto and Quividi produced a report detailing the initiative, which can be downloaded here … (registration required).

The test was originally on one site. It has since been rolled out to almost 100 locations, all running Quividi.
  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    That is why I keep preaching that content is the X factor to makes your investment in your deployment more valuable or less valuable. After everything is installed, what is the biggest factor you have control over? Content. Its a creative an innovative challenge and this case is a great example, though I agree it would be helpful to know if that success continued.

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