Projects: Century-old Garden Center Group Takes (Some Of) Its Messaging Digital

This is a straightforward menuboard and messaging boards set-up at Notcutts Garden Centres Ltd  – which has 18 individual garden centres across England and has been doing this sort of thing for more than a century.

The family-owned company cut over from pure print and some tablet-sized displays manually updated by thumb drive.

The company did a case study with CMS provider Signagelive but was not yet in a position to talk about the business impacts of going digital.

I like menu displays (though would love an opinion about white on black vs black on white … I think the latter is better for viewing and reading). The featured item screen is nicely done, but I have never had PARNSIP Soup. Parsnip soup, yes.

There’s five analog signs on the counters ONE MORE SCREEN could sort out for them.

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  1. As a migraine sufferer, white on black is a major trigger for me, so I wouldn’t be able to read these screens

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