Interactive She Too Digital Wall Prompts On-The-Spot Donations

April 4, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice charity campaign in Toronto’s underground PATH concourse system that weaves through much of the central business district – involving a video wall and a nearby station that enables on-the-spot donations.

PATTISON Outdoor and its digital innovation arm, Fourthwall, teamed up with local agency Jungle Media to promote CARE Canada’s She Too movement in the PATH system, which has 100s of 1,000s of people walking through it daily.

Says a press rfelease:

In the execution, a PATTISON digital matrix is reframed as a digital donation wall, where passersby are offered an opportunity to directly engage with CARE’s overall mission. The She Too campaign is a part of CARE’s March4Women initiative, which aims to overcome poverty and discrimination by creating equal rights and opportunities for women and girls in developing countries.

“CARE’s She Too campaign is capturing the momentum of a global movement raising awareness and action for women everywhere. Not just in Hollywood or in North America, but in developing countries where women might not have a safe place to share their story and get support,” says Kasia Souchen, Digital Marketing Manager at CARE Canada. “Together with PATTISON, we’re eager to engage with Torontonians on this important issue and offer an easy way to make a real difference in the lives of women and girls in developing countries.”

The wall is in Royal Bank Plaza, which is near the main subway and rail hub and teems with people all day.

With Fourthwall handling the production and installation, the “tap-to-donate” panel was designed to accept preset donations of $5 using a cashless payment terminal, accepting credit and debit cards as well as smart phone payments. A full-motion digital spot, vinyl poster and branded payment panel were also designed by Fourthwall to direct passing donors to the terminal. To complement the campaign, brand ambassadors from CARE Canada will be scheduled on-site for a portion of the campaign to answer any questions consumers may have about the organization and its work.

“The cashless payment solution offers passersby who are in a hurry or who do not have exact change, the ability to make simple and quick donations to this great cause,” says Dmitri Melamed, Vice President and General Manager of Fourthwall.

“The digital stunt is a compelling aspect to this campaign,” says Catherine Ramsey, Media Planner at Jungle Media. “The simple contactless donation system bridges the gap between building impassioned awareness and making real change in the moment.”

The digital wall is part of a larger, general awareness campaign in-market since March 1 that includes PATTISON Transit Interior Cards in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto; PATH posters; TTC digital network creative, along with newspaper insertions, TV Closed Captioning placements, other Out-of-Home spots and digital display advertising.

  1. That is a really a smart example of social advertising. Making use of digital signage for the awareness of some sensitive issues.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nice way to promote social concerns through the digital platform. Thank you for sharing & making people aware.

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