16:9 Podcasts – Reece Kurtenbach On Why Hyper-Competition Is Nothing New To Daktronics

April 4, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Reece Kurtenbach now runs Daktronics, the company started by his father and a university colleague 50 years ago – and has grown up seeing it evolve from electronic voting systems from state politicians to the maker behind some of the biggest and most iconic LED display boards on the planet.

That’s Daktronics’ tech, for example, creating a huge halo over the amazing new Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta.

We’ve been trying to make a podcast chat work via Skype – but we had all kinds of issues with Skype and Skype for Business getting along. The opportunity came up last week to have a chat right on the show floor at DSE in Las Vegas.

Kurtenbach talks about the roots of the company, and how the abrupt onslaught of competition in his business is nothing new. We also get into the thinking behind the acquisition of Adflow, a digital signage software shop just up the road from me but way far away from South Dakota, where Daktronics is based.

You can hear in the intro what my voice sounds like after a very late night of cabernet, beer and bourbon, and four hours (maybe) of sleep. Gruff!

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