Here Are The DSE 2018 Project And Creative Award Winners …

March 30, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Here are the winners from this year’s awards program at Digital Signage Expo, announced and handed out Wednesday at a reception.

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

McCann Systems for 150 Media Stream

Business and Government Services

Dreambox Visual Communications for 22nd World Petroleum Congress Official Opening Ceremony

Education and Healthcare

Forge Media + Design for Holomodor Mobile Classroom

Event Venues and Hospitality

Daktronics for Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Food and Beverage (there was all of one entry … in QSR … WTF?)

Shikatani Lacroix Design for Boston Pizza Digital Experience

Immersive Environments

bluemedia for Super Bowl LIVE Water and Building Projection Show

Public Spaces

Colours and Shapes Design, Inc. for Uninterrupted: A Cinematic Spectacle


ICON Media for Fume Scent Lounge


NanoLumens for Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

McCann Systems won the the APEX Installation of the Year, which I totally agree with, and and bluemedia won APEX Content of the Year awards, which I totally didn’t.

I was a judge. Some of the awards, frankly, were all about big budgets and big wow eye candy stuff. Projecting on water vapour is cool, but the content was pretty darn pedestrian when compared to some other work.

That said, there were nine judges and they settled on these. I think my top choices lined up with about half of those selected.


  1. Hey Dave, fully agree with you, the content was average on a lot of the finalists. The dome was really not overwhelming, and it was only 15m ffs. Keep plugging away, you’ll turn the judges eventually!

    Cheers (and a happy Easter)

    Tim Fothergill

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