Big Crowds At Pre-DSE 2018 Education Conferences

March 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

I was at the LVCC this morning moderating a panel for the Digital OOH summit ahead at Digital Signage Expo, and had a look in some of the other rooms that also have pre-show conferences.

My thinking, and the conventional wisdom, was that there’s a lot of pre-show stuff shaking, and are there enough people to fill those various rooms.

I can’t speak for all the events, but the Digital OOH session was standing room only, the SEGD thing across the hallway was packed and Alan Brawn’s annual industry education and indoctrination course down the hallway had what looked like a pretty full room

  1. The panels, all day, had some serious heavy-hitters on them. Getting that kind of deep-dive information is well worth the ticket and effort!

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