Grocery Digital OOH Network Has 1,000-Plus Screens Up At Checkouts, With Plans For As Many As 25,000

March 26, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Denver-based Ping HD has done a potentially lucrative deal to be the CMS under the hood for an ambitious digital OOH network going into U.S. supermarkets – primarily at the checkout lanes.

Adcorp Media Group is putting 10 to 12 32-inch Samsung System on Chip (SoC) displays in stores, with roughly 100 already up and plans to do as many as 2,500. If the network fully rolled out, that would be in excess of 25,000 screens.

“Ping HD has been instrumental in helping design the network architecture for our business model as we expand from print based advertising to digital signage,” says Ed Greenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Adcorp360, based outside of New York City. The company is using Ping’s EngagePHD platform for managing and moving around content.

“This is another commercially proven example of the performance, flexibility and simplicity of SoC based display technology. Adcorp360 understands the Cost vs. ROI model in advertising and that lowering your total cost of ownership will allow participation of additional store locations,” says Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD.

Adcorp360 says its Market Vision Network is the “premier network for digital supermarket advertising,” with monitors placed in the highest trafficked areas of the supermarket, in stores that see 30 to 60 thousand shoppers a week on average. The company also does screens in high foot traffic aisles.

Great deal if it fully rolls out, but if you have been in this business for a while, you have seen digital OOH networks in retail come and go, and mostly just go. The “build it and hope the advertising comes” thing is at least easier now than it was in the past, because of the reduced costs for just about every technology component used. But you still have win ad dollars, or get the consumer brands tapping into other budgets to pay to be on those screens.

Easier said than done.

On the positive side, at least this company has direct and deep experience with revenue-based programs in grocery. Adcorp Media Group has partnerships with over 1,500 supermarkets in over 13 states across the U.S., and already does things like Shopping Cart Ads, Ad Benches, Welcome Center Signage, and Market Information Centers.


  1. It seems incredible that Adcorp Media is just capturing the industry so vastly. The day is not far that they’ll open their supermarket of digital signage boards only.

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