Projects: Big LED Greets Arriving Passengers At Atlanta Hartsfield

March 22, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Making a quick stop in Atlanta – which was seriously chilly last night and is again this morning – for the last of eight speaking sessions on Samsung’s Resolution Tour.

It had been a while since I more than connected through Hartsfield, so it was interesting to get off that train that runs between terminals and to baggage claim and see the new signage in place.

When you ride up one of three side by side escalators to baggage, your field of view is filled by a big fine-ish pitch LED at the top. It has airport marketing messages – and maybe paid ads – but the sides are flanked by useful directional information, like go left or right for your bags, based on airlines.

The airport has a LOT of LED in the terminal now, including short and wide stretch displays along the concourse walkways. I liked this one, though, because the dwell time is there, everyone’s going to naturally look up, and the airport resisted the temptation to just monetize the thing and make it a nothing-but-ads billboard.

  1. Mary says:

    Barco 4mm LED.

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