DSE 2018 Mixer Sponsor Profile – Mvix

March 22, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Mvix is not exhibiting at DSE (we were at HiMSS last week) but Mike Kilian, our Business  Development Senior Director, and one of our Senior Solutions Consultants, will walk the show and meet with some clients and partners.

When the company started in 2005, we provided media streamer devices where folks download and save their media, movies, etc for re-watching (something like this). We noticed businesses would use these to play video ads and messages in stores, offices, etc., and that’s how we transitioned to digital signage.

We now provide software, players, content, and services for a complete digital signage solution. We’ve always held that software is at the core of our business but when we did a customer survey in Jan & Feb, we found that clients liked how customizable the hardware, services, support and even software (different feature packs) was to provide a complete solution.

Flexibility in pricing was a plus too i.e. one-time, upfront cost model when getting our players, or the subscription model when using Chromeboxes or LG SoC screens.

You’ve probably noticed multiple press releases about new content widgets we’re launching – that’s an intentional move to strengthen the content part of our solutions offering.

Widgets like transit, in/out board (above), Slack, Uber/Lyft, interactive directory (we have queue management and meeting rooms in the pipeline) allows us to cater the solutions to specific markets e.g. healthcare, and simply give our clients more options for content delivery.

More about us here – http://mvixdigitalsignage.com/about-us/

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