DSE 2018 Booth Previews – RP Visual Solutions On Who Is Behind A Lot Of High Profile Video Walls

March 20, 2018 by Dave Haynes

rp Visual Solutions – DSE Booth 1763

Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths? 
They need to stop by and see who’s BEHIND some of the most prestigious walls in Vegas. Our focus is #CreativeVisualStructures. We’re not just a mount manufacturer. We’ve actually taken that word out of our vocabulary, because it does not convey what we truly do. The nature of our business is 100% custom visual structures. These solutions take the building out of the equation and become a part of the architecture and customer experience. Regardless of the technology, our team of Engineers and Solutions Specialists work with AV Consultants, Display Manufacturers, Architects, and Integrators to bring their concepts into a reality.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about? 
We’re known for taking on challenging projects and exceeding expectations. That’s not to say we don’t do smaller projects, we just excel at projects that are Large, Curved, Tilted, or Architecturally Integrated. Stop by for a a peek at some of our featured projects from Retail, Higher Education, Command/Control rooms, Corporate, Airports, Broadcast… anywhere digital signage is present.

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth? 
Our team of Engineers and Solutions Specialists work with AV Consultants, Display Manufacturers, Architects, Technology Managers, and Integrators to bring their concepts into a reality. Our structures are game-changers … literally. We take digital signage to the next level.

How many years have you been showing at DSE and how has the trade show changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years? 
We’ve been exhibiting at DSE since 2009. For us the evolution of direct-view LED in digital signage applications has really elevated RPV’s position as the premier LED structure provider. We’ve pioneered a number of unique mounting solutions for all types of display technologies used in digital signage applications. The evolution of tighter dot pitches has led to new mounting methodologies for us. We’ve learned a lot since then, and use that knowledge to create the perfect image.

When you get a chance to get away from your booth, what will you be looking for and researching? 
A number of our manufacturer partners exhibit, so it’s a great way to collaborate and see what innovations they are bringing to the marketplace. We will visit them to stay updated on the newest technologies. It’s important to us to keep up with the industry, especially with the ever-evolving Direct View LED, OLED, and other innovative display technologies.

What’s your favourite part of the week? 
We love trade shows! We truly love networking night and day with other Display manufacturers, and talking with end-users that need game-changing digital signage solutions. We’re also looking forward to the Women in Digital Signage inaugural breakfast.

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