Chopper Hauls 300-Ft Projection-Mapped Screen Across Dubai Skyline

March 20, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is the world’s largest aerial projection screen, executed (unsurprisingly) in or more accurately over Dubai recently.

It involves a 300-foot fabric aerial screen towed by a Bell 212 Helicopter, while a second Bell 212 projected the video onto the screen, using projection mapping.

The content is a visual tribute to Shaikh Zayed, who Wikipedia tells me was the driving force behind the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

The very big screen was executed by the Aussie firm Remarkable Media, which specializes in this sort of thing.

The scale is impressive but the video and ones like it done (such as one for MTV in New York) suggests the image is very muted. For a whole bunch of reasons like cost, complexity, safety, etc etc, these are one-offs meant to generate media buzz.

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