16:9 DSE Mixer Sponsor Profiles – NanoLumens

March 16, 2018 by Dave Haynes

NanoLumens – DSE Booth 1263

NanoLumens was one of the first companies to market an LED product that could seriously be touted as good enough for indoor, relatively close-proximity audiences.

It has also been a genuine innovator in terms of products that were light, skinny and designed to flex and do more than the most gentle curves.

The Atlanta company has also not been shy about going after, legally, competitors who have, ummm, been inspired by NanoLumens’ product designs.

They have had a “Visualization Center” – a showroom/meeting space but that doesn’t sound as impressive – in Las Vegas for at least a couple of years, and DSE attendees are being encouraged to sign up and go out for a visit on Wednesday evening after Day 1 of the show floor is done and dusted.

Says NanoLumens: “Our event is called ‘Your Vegas is Showing‘ and it will be a night of thoughtful learning and social networking, highlighted by a panel discussion where questions about the future of visualization will be asked, answered, and argued about.”

The event takes place from 6 to 9 PM, and will be highlighted by a panel discussion from some of the smartest and most innovative minds in the industry, including Javier Garcia of Cox Hospitality Network and Adrian Cotterill of DailyDOOH, which I am told is some sort of blog that also covers this industry. Who knew?

Nano also has a booth on the DSE exhibit hall floor, where it will debut a 0.9mm pixel pitch LED display, which is nudging at the edges of the tightest pitch LED products on the market now. Anything sub 1mm is super crisp (and also tends to be super expensive, at least for now).

The company is hoping to “attract attendees who are interested in seeing the razor’s edge of LED tech advancements, but who want these developments explained by a regular person in easy-to-understand language. We hope to interact with attendees who are intellectually curious, and eager to learn about detailed topics they may not have considered before. At NanoLumens, we’re all just a group of regular people who enjoy what we do and enjoy sharing it with others. We just happen to also be really, really good at making LED displays.”

Over the time it has been coming to DSE – about six years now – NanoLumens says there hasn’t been so much a “big seismic change but rather the gradual adjustments that come and go each year as new technologies, companies, and individuals make their debuts.”

“Our favorite part of DSE Week is not any single event or booth, but simply the open opportunity to learn new things and consider new perspectives about the way the industry is evolving and adapting.”

“We love the tech inside the digital signage industry, but we also love the people who work in it. Interacting with and learning from experts who specialize in other elements of our industry is always a fascinating and incredibly inspiring experience.”

Thanks very much, Joe’ and Rick and the crew in Atlanta for helping sponsor the mixer this year!

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