Dozens Of Big Brands Registered As End-Users For DSE 2018

March 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

If you are someone who goes to Digital Signage Expo every year, you know it has that familiar feel of a service organization convention – in that you see people from different “chapters” every year at the big annual meet-up.

The DSE people have to fight that perception every year, and both stress and reinforce that No, this is not just a great networking event – it’s a trade show delivering warm leads.

To that end, the show has issued press material that lays out a good sample of who-all is coming to this thing in (yikes) less than a couple of weeks.

Here’s the list the DSE organizers pushed out of end-users who are coming:
20th Century Fox
Emory University
Rite Aid Corp Adventist Health
San Francisco Giants American Eagle Outfitters
Fidelity Investments
Smithsonian American Express
Fordham University
Southwest Airlines Arby’s Restaurant Group
Staples Bank of America
Honda North America
Starbucks Bass Pro Shoppes
Howard University
Subway Bayer
In-N-Out Burger
Taco Bell Best Buy
International Speedway Corp. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Talbots Bojangles’
John Deere
Tampa Int’l Airport Boston Pizza International
John Hopkins
Target Brigham Young University
Los Angeles Metro
TD Bank Caesars Entertainment
Kroger Company Carnival Cruise Lines
Mandarin Oriental Hotels
NY Stock Exchange Chevron
Marriott International
Toyota Chicago Transit Authority
Marshall Retail Group
UCLA Clemson University
United Airlines Cleveland Clinic
McKee Foods
Universal Parks & Coca-Cola
Columbus Blue Jackets
Neiman Marcus
University of Illinois Denver Broncos
NV Dept. of Transportation
University of NM Disney
Washington Trust Dow Jones
Notre Dame University
Wells Fargo Dunkin’ Brands
Office Depot
WV University Eastman Chemical Company
Orlando Magic
Wyndham Vacation Edward Jones
Pepperdine University
Wynn Las Vegas

Without question, some companies are just coming in to have a walk around and see the latest pots and pans, so that they’re current on things like OLED, and QLED and so on. But that’s a lot of brands and potential customers who are buying now or at some point. I have been in booths, chained there as a sales guy, and had the bug-eyed look when a global brand walks in, with real questions.

I know some vendors have pulled on DSE because they didn’t see enough end-user action to justify the investment. But others – notably some big ones – have said the ROI is very tangible when a multinational retailer or big airline comes in.

“DSE will be our 15th and largest exhibition to date, and we are excited to welcome – and welcome back – a record number of attendees from around the world,” says Andrea Varrone, DSE’s Show Director.

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