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Right Media Solutions – DSE Booth Number DC4

You meet a lot of people in the digital signage industry, and sometimes you don’t get a chance to develop much more than passing acquaintances.

I’d say Jeff Martin from Right Media Solutions falls into that category. We see each other at trade shows, chat, but I really don’t know all that much about what his company does.

Turns out, it does a lot. I definitely didn’t know its roots were in SignStorey, which almost 20 years ago launched an early digital OOH network into retail venues, including pharmacy, liquor and grocery locations. Eight years later, CBS bought the company for $71.5 million.

Martin stayed on after the acquisition, but three years later left and founded Right Media with the core employees from SignStorey and CBS Outernet. Currently, the company manages more than 7,000 digital screens in all 50 U.S. states.

They did a rollout last summer of almost 4,000 Chromeboxes for a signage project with a U.S. national retailer (dunno who).

Located outside of Boston, the company offers turn-key digital signage solutions that start with  developing plans, and follow with procuring and testing equipment. The handle implementing the roll-out and provide on-going services, including content.

The company will be talking about content at DSE, at its booth. “We will be demonstrating the benefits of integrating interactive content by utilizing the flexibility and responsiveness of HTML and JavaScript driven experiences.”

Right Media has been at DSE for many years, first as SignStorey, then as CBS Outernet and now uder the current banner. The show has changed, says the company, from “a bunch of vendors catching up yearly for food and drinks to a legitimate venue for expanding business and displaying new/upcoming CX Technologies.”


Big thanks to Right Media Solutions for stepping up as a mixer sponsor. Make the effort to stop by the company’s stand and learn more.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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