DSE 2018 Booth Previews – Telecine

March 6, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Telecine – Booth 2508F 

Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must See list of booths? 
Monumental displays can lead to monumental mistakes. Are you curious how we manage to successfully create content for installations all over the world from our studio in Montreal? Stop by our booth and we will share our secret.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about? 
Sure we build great lobby experiences on huge screens… but we also build great enterprise-wide employee communications networks. They all leverage the same CMS, so content and management is consistent and simplified.

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth? 
Anyone who wants to learn how to build great and painless digital signage for their company.

How many years have you been showing at DSE and how has the trade show changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years? 
When we started exhibiting many years ago, it was an accomplishment to be able to just control screens across the network. Now you also have to create consistently great and relevant content painlessly. Otherwise you will just have some very expensive wallpaper.

When you get a chance to get away from your booth, what will you be looking for and researching? 
Great content ideas. We love sharing ours and learning from others. The industry benefits with every success.

What’s your favourite part of the week? 
The 16:9 mixer, of course 🙂

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