24/7 Digital Signage Flat Panel Sales Grow Almost 40% Year To Year

March 5, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The latest large format LCD sales tracking report from Orange County, CA-based PMA Research suggests commercial displays are seeing a big uptick, with sales on 24/7 LCD displays (the kind recommended for serious digital signage jobs) were up 39% from a year earlier.

Says PMA:

The January 2018 PMA Research Distributor Flat Panel Tracking reports showed strong growth in the sales of professional models with volumes up 22% from January 2017.  Sales of professional 4K UHD resolution displays continued to grow in January. Volume for models with 4K UHD resolution increased more than 3.5x over January 2017, and revenues grew 200% extending the upward trend in this segment.

Additionally, volume for models featuring 24/7 capabilities was up 39% over January 2017, and unit sales for models featuring both 4K UHD and 24/7 was up nearly six-fold over January 2017.  This segment (4K UHD and 24/7) represents only 6% of professional units but 13% of professional revenues.

In the professional market, January 2018 brand rankings in terms of unit volume were Samsung, LG and NEC ranking first, second and third, respectively. Brand rankings in terms of revenue share were Samsung in first, followed by NEC in second and LG in third.

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