Real-Time Transit Data Firm Integrates With Enplug For Passenger Screens

March 1, 2018 by Dave Haynes


LA-based digital signage software shop Enplug has developed an interesting partnership with a company that specializes in transit information for operators and passengers.

Screens in buses and at stations and stops is not all that new as digital signage tech goes, but an  Enplug partnership with Syncromatics makes it possible to inject screens with a variety of real-time transit data feeds.

Syncromatics, also based in LA, has tech that does things like automatic passenger counting, real-time passenger information, and web-based annunciation systems. The company has installed and operated electronic transit signs in cities across the United States, and is using Enplug’s CMS for infotainment screens on 80 buses in the Anaheim Resort Transportation in Southern California.

The bus content changes automatically based on where each vehicle is along its route, through an integration with Syncromatics’ cloud-based dispatching software.


Syncromatics uses Enplug’s open developer kit and app platform to do real-time content triggering based on geolocation, time, social media interactions, or any other event, says a press release.

“Partnering with Enplug has given us the technology platform we need to bring our solutions to the market in less time and with more scalability than we could build on our own,” says Syncromatics CEO Ian Sephton.


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