Sweden’s Smartsign Touts 20% Growth In 2017, And Reach All The Way To Down Under

February 23, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The Swedish CMS software firm Smartsign has pushed out interesting numbers about its efforts to broaden the customer base – noting that three years ago 90% of business came from home, and now 50% comes from outside Sweden.

“We are especially happy about this, and are gaining more and more shares of the markets. We are growing in markets in Sweden and internationally,” says CEO Martin Romanowski, adding that the company is growing on its own and not through buyouts or mergers.

Interestingly, a big growth market has been Australia, which is not exactly a quick commuter flight away.

Overall, Romanowski says sales turnover increased by 20% last year, with retail and the hospitality sector the big drivers.

  1. Hi Dave,

    The Smartsign platform is a strong System on Chip Partner for Samsung in Europe.
    Its super simple UI and flexibility are what appeal to a lot of corporate customers.
    They recently deployed a very nice project with Atlantis Hotel in Dubai which I hope to visit just as soon as I win the lottery!
    Its great to see them growing under Martin’s leadership.

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