Photos: T-Mobile’s LED-Rich Michigan Avenue Flagship

I was in Chicago on Tuesday, one stop in a series over the next few weeks, doing an industry overview talk to end-users for Samsung’s display team. The company has a road show going, called the Resolution Tour and I’m the outside speaker for the days., talking about stuff like data-driven signage.

Next one is next Tuesday in Silicon Valley.

Once wrapped I grabbed my umbrella and did a walk up a very wet and blustery Michigan Avenue to check out some the digital installed on that high-end shopping stretch.

This is the T-Mobile store, which has a NanoLumens LED wall that runs up one side of the entrance, and then along the ceiling. There’s more big digital at the rear.

I did the big walk mostly to see 900 Michigan, the premium downtown shopping centre that New York’s ESI Design retrofit with LED ceiling panels. It’s restrained and beautiful. Not sure what LED tech used for it.

Earlier in the day I snuck away at lunch from the hotel to have a look at the lobby of the AON Center, which has twin fine pitch NanoLumens’ LED walls in its skyscraper lobby. It looks great, though I said to the crowd in my talk that I wonder, at times, about the programming.

In this case, it’s beautiful abstract visuals, but they don’t really communicate anything about AON, the building, the neighborhood or city. Maybe that’s OK, but  you’d think a very large insurer has stories to tell and ideas to communicate in visually interesting ways.

I tried to find some landmark installs in the area, but it was full-blown raining-cats-and-dogs miserable. Gave up and found a dry place and a beer.


Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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  1. Nice write up on the visit to Chicago. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. I hope you enjoyed your beer.

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