DSE Mixer 2018 Now Sold Out

February 16, 2018 by Dave Haynes

It took about 50 hours to sell out the 2018 version of the annual 16:9 DSE Mixer. If you procrastinated or just flat missed the ticketing window, there is a wait list function on the registration site, which is here

Some people do drop off, and I usually find double entries here and there, but in effect, we have our 400.

The “Oh Hi, Dave, ummm, I, ummm, do you have any more tickets …?” emails will starting come in to me in 3 …. 2 …… 1 …..

Happens every year. Thanks to all those who have registered, particularly those who took the time to spell their names correctly in the form. What you put in is what comes out of the printer, soif you put in Richrad, you are going to see RICHRAD on your badge!

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