ISE 2018 Day Two Impressions – Crazy Busy, I’m Late

February 8, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Tuesday was reported as seeing record crowds, and I swear it was busier Wednesday. Have not seen the numbers but it definitely didn’t seem to drop off.

I know there are numerous people just coming in starting today, as the ISE crowds are supposed to slow after the first two days.

Had a better look around some of the big booths. Transparent OLED is back at LG, and featured. The company also has low rez LEDs embedded in glass, like last year, but now it is color. Limited uses cases for it but I like nonetheless.

Philips, I noticed, is now also selling (very likely re-selling) fine pitch LED. It was a small part of the  booth and the content shown on it was all wrong (think text breaking up, etc).

I was at the Digital Signage Summit most of the day. Well done event, I thought. 170-ish attendees in full room. Then I was part of the Digital Signage Awards. Silver Curve was the big winner for its work on Lord’s Cricket Grounds in London. Amazing job. Will post on that later, as well as other winners.

I am frantically writing this as I have been reliably, unfortunately waking up at 5:30 each morning, leaving me time to write. Today it was 8:17. Might have something to do with leaving the BroadSign party and telling people I was heading to flat for an early night, and then going instead to the p[acked and crazy Peerless AV party.

Oh well. Trade shows … tonight I behave. Famous last words.

Gotta run!!! Late!!!

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