The Total Guide To Fine Pitch LED: A 16:9 Special Report

January 30, 2018 by Dave Haynes

There’s a lot of buzz in the digital signage industry, as well as the markets the industry serves, about fine pixel pitch LED displays, and their ability to create bright, seamless visuals that transform spaces.

It’s easy to find technical documentation about LED displays and diodes, but a lot harder to find solid information, written in non-technical terms, that explains the technology, the marketplace, ecosystem and applications. That’s why this Special Report – The Total Guide To Fine Pitch LED – was put together over the last few months. It reflects many, many conversations, as well as a specific trip to Taiwan and China to visit manufacturers and fully understand the ecosystem.

The report was written by 16:9 founder and editor Dave Haynes. Its main sponsor is custom LED designer/manufacturer D3, and the secondary sponsors are the software and solutions firm STRATACACHE, systems integrator Diversified and mounting solutions firm Peerless-AV. This report doesn’t happen without their kind support, which offset my travel costs and at least some of the time allocated to put this together.

You will find the sponsors quoted in the report, as well as some clearly labeled sponsor editorial. But you will also find lots of information and quotes from other companies. There’s nothing in here intended to steer you to certain conclusions. Read and learn, and be better equipped to make your own decisions.

Sponsor support also means this report is a totally free download. To view it, all you need to do is tell us who you are and provide an email address. Obviously, we want to know who is reading the thing and audience size. The document will open up as viewable PDF, but if you look in the top right corner of the browser, there’s an icon that enables you to download and view later on a PDF viewer.

If you see some weird message on the page header after you submit, ignore it. The form and script works, which is all we should collectively care about.

To get at the report, fill in the form below and submit, and the page will refresh with a link at the bottom of the post, where the form was … you need to click that link, as this form will NOT email you the report or a link to it.

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