Intersection’s US Digital OOH Network To Run Off BroadSign Control

It will be BroadSign Control under the hood, going forward, for the digital poster network run by smart cities-centric media company Intersection.

Intersection will use Broadsign’s content management system, Broadsign Control, to schedule and deliver advertising and dynamic HTML5 content to a national national network of Link kiosks, urban digital poster panels, interactive station platform displays and digital bus shelters across the U.S.

Much of the network is in New York, where Intersection launched, and the woman in the photo above is likely taking a photo because the poster is actually working. In many of my trips to NYC, and based on the observations of others, these screens seem to be out A LOT.

BroadSign has very good device management software, so I suspect that will help in remote troubleshooting or at least make the ops people aware a unit has blue-screened or gone black.

“Our digital network extends across the top media markets in the U.S., providing brands the opportunity to connect with millions of customers on their daily journeys through our largest cities,” says Adrian D’Souza, SVP of sales strategy and operations at Intersection. “With Broadsign, we have the enhanced flexibility, creative capabilities, and planning tools to make those connections more efficiently and cohesively across our network.”

Intersection says its network reaches over 48 million consumers across the top DMAs in the U.S., including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, and several other top metro regions. This network includes signage throughout major transit systems such as the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), as well as New York City’s LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosks.

Intersection is also using Broadsign’s sales platform, Broadsign Direct.

The press release quotes Maarten Dollevoet as SVP of global sales at Broadsign, which I did not know had happened. Good move, as Europe-based Maarten drove a lot of the expansion for BroadSign in recent years, much of it in Europe.

Intersection has significant ties to Google – though the investor pool has broadened since then. In theory, the Google-owned ad targeting platform DoubleClick could be used to schedule and deliver ads, as it is doing for Coca-Cola’s indoor signage efforts.

But digital OOH networks present a pile of operating challenges DoubleClick would have no reason to factor (online ad networks don’t tend to manage the endpoints – people’s PCs, tablets and phones). So BroadSign brings a lot to the table that way, as well as very sophisticated ad targeting and scheduling algorithms.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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