Toronto Rail Hub’s ATM Gets Virtual Nature Scene Surround With Fine Pitch LED

I’ll be out next week with a report on fine pixel pitch LED, with the key assertion that this tech will grow very, very common in parts of the world other than China and Hong Kong, where it is already everywhere.

Here’s a good precursor to what’s coming – a fine pitch surround on an ATM in a commuter rail station.

The Canadian chartered bank TD Canada Trust wanted to create a unique experience in Canada’s historic and busiest commuter hub – Union Station in Toronto. The Toronto digital agency St. Joseph’s Communications, working with property manager Metrolinx, developed a fine pitch LED surround at an ATM in the crazy-busy rail station that shoots out tracks in several directions from central Toronto.
St. Joe’s says Metrolinx put tight restrictions on content – with no advertising or brand promotion of any kind allowed. The content had to be relevant and recognizable to the audience, and exclusive and owned by TD.
The company developed a series of natural vignettes that encapsulated the four seasons in Ontario, using stock footage and its own videography to capture the transition for night to dawn, to day, to dusk – for each setting.
“We added surprise and delight elements that the commuter audience might not see every day – commuters might catch a glimpse of something they never noticed before, like shooting stars, clouds, a canoeist, a person jumping from rocks into a lake in the distance, cherry blossoms or leaves fluttering in the wind, assorted critters,” says St. Joe’s in a synopsis. “We even have a visit from a deer.”
So, two things:
I love that this is not pure brand promotion, peddling bank programs. People rushing to trains don’t need/want to see that. The underground walkway system most commuters use to get to the rail stations has lotsa lotsa OOH ads.
And, interesting that fine pitch is used here and the diode packages are pretty much exposed and unprotected to the general public. The little lights are fragile and pretty easily damaged, but people in a rail station are generally going somewhere, in a hurry. The whole “idle hands” thing maybe doesn’t come into play much.
I like. Think the the ROI will be hard to quantify. But, I like.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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