Chicago Office Block’s New LED Display Motion-Paints Impressionist Scenes

January 19, 2018 by Dave Haynes

One of my favorite big screen creative shops, New York’s ESI Design, has started talking about another stunning piece of work – a 23-foot-tall fine pitch LED feature display in the lobby of a Chicago office block that  “paints” videos of familiar local scenes in an Impressionist style.

You get visuals that transform from flowing and swirling clouds of colors to sharpened images – all done using custom software. The video does a better job than my description.

The install at Five One Five North State would just be a big screen in the lobby, but by investing in gorgeous original content, the space becomes a landmark and destination for the property owners. These kinds of feature displays are becoming a “thing” in real estate – the new water fountains that make tenants want to stay in buildings and attracts new tenants who want to be located in cool spaces.

VERY nicely done. Will or should win awards.


The job also involved screens at the elevator lobbies.

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