Big AV Enhancements Planned For Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion

January 19, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Tom McGowan

I don’t know what integrators, display and software companies work with Atlanta’s TVS Design, if any in particular, but the architectural firm just won a monster contract that will involve a LOT of AV and digital signage technology.

The firm won the $60 million design contract for the expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center, which is targeted for completion in about three years. The expansion sees the meeting facility build on the parking areas on the west side of Paradise, over to where the Riviera used to be. The LVCC will eventually have a gateway that starts on the north part of the Strip.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

When the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new 600,000-square-foot exhibition hall opens for CES in 2021, it’s going to be unlike any convention facility in Las Vegas.

Think big lighting and audio-visual displays and wayfinding integration.

“By the time this building opens, there’s going to be a lot of augmented-reality applications that are going to be key,” said Robert Svedberg, principal for Atlanta-based TVS Design, which in December signed a $59.8 million contract to design the new building.

“Think of the virtual assistants that people are getting in their houses,” Svedberg said. “Think of that as a way to navigate through the building. You know, ‘Hey Google, how do I get to Meeting Room 101?’ That will help make these buildings more user-friendly.”

User-friendliness will be a theme for the structure that will be located in the vicinity of what is now the Convention Center’s Gold and Diamond parking lots between Las Vegas Boulevard and Paradise Road and between Convention Center Drive and Elvis Presley Boulevard.

The exhibition hall will have public space for quick meetings, more bandwidth for communications, efficient back-of-the-house facilities and outdoor exhibition space stretching to a Strip gateway.

In a slightly weird twist, at least one visual for the design competition that led to TVS winning the deal has a facade with the Digital Signage Expo logo all over it (see top image).

The LVCC – despite ALL the tech shows that run through it each year – is not all that sophisticated when it comes to visitor-facing AV, so the renos will be a nice upgrade. The challenge is trying to scheme in tech now for three years out, that then will be expected to be future-proofed for probably five years beyond.

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