You Walk Through An OLED Slot Canyon To Get To LG’s CES Booth

January 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Via Korea Times and AV Interactive

The entrance to LG’s monster booth at CES in Las Vegas this week is a 28 metre-long winding walkway of flexible OLED displays, set up to mimic one of the slot canyons hikers might find in nearby Utah or Arizona.

The LG OLED Canyon has 90 concave and 156 convex open frame 55-inch OLEDs, and the content features nature scenes enhanced by immersive audio.

OLED is a huge part of LG’s marketing push and among the items being showcased, a rollable display that pulls up out of a case. It’s a TV for residential, but you’d think a better market might be corporate meeting spaces.

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