Intel’s Newest NUC Can Drive Six Digital Signage Displays At Once

January 8, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Photo source: Liliputing

Intel is showing off a new, very powerful version of its NUC mini-PCs, which have been widely used by some digital signage network operators, software vendors and systems integrators.

Liliputing, reporting from CES, has a video and story up about $800 and $1,000 barebones versions of a NUC – that’s before OS, RAM and storage – that can run as many as six displays or a video wall.

These new ones have 8th generation Intel Core CPUs and AMD Radeon Vega graphics. They’re aimed at the gamer market but the graphics capabilities make them very suitable, in theory, for signage jobs. For a single display, one of these would be overkill in most cases.

There are lower cost NUCs with less power under the hood, but for graphics-intense jobs or lower budget video wall projects, this might get some technical people thinking.

The LED skull thingie is included, but can be turned off if the client doesn’t find it as cool as the nerds might.


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