Twin LED Walls Light Up 55 Water Lobby In Wall Street

December 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice pair of 20 by 8 foot fine pitch LED screens that have been lit up in the lobby of 55 Water Street, in the Wall Street district of Lower Manhattan.

The total resolution on the screens is 6,400 by 1,260 pixels, which I assume means each of them is 3,200 by 1,260 pixels. I know, amazing math skills.

The set-up, as you can see, brands the building, but there are hours of custom content that includes social media aggregation, data feeds from transit, bike share and ride share services, and subscription content.

The content and overall project was put together by Orlando-based solutions shop DC Bolt, running Signagelive software on Christie LED screens. The screens also run off a Crestron Control system and RGB Spectrum Multi-Window video wall processor.

HB Communications was the AV Integrator, with Jaros, Baum & Boles Consulting Engineers acting as AV Consultants. The Christie modules are in place using an RP Visual Solutions design.

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