Delta Displays Touts Series Of Standardized 16:9 LED Set-Ups

December 12, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Fine pitch LED displays tend to be fitted to the necessary display area – like a lobby or feature wall area that is some sort of rectangle. They’re sold by modules and all those modules tile together to create the necessary shape.

So it’s interesting to see a company marketing a solution that is based on a set of fixed sizes and standardized cabinets and mounting systems.

The Taiwanese company Delta Displays, part of the $8 billion turnover Delta Group, has started marketing the FE Series of fine pitch indoor LEDs, touting it as an easier solution for AV partners to sell and manage these kinds of projects, and simpler for getting creative on screens.

Says a press release:

Ideally suited to indoor signage as well as command and control environments, the FE Series offers a modern, sleekly designed large format monitor, offering 1.26, 1.58, 1.9 and 2.5mm pixel pitch, each calibrated to create smooth, consistent brightness and colour throughout the display area.

Uniquely, Delta Display Solutions now offers the LED cabinets in pre-determined sizes ranging from 110” to 220” in Full HD, and 220” up to 440” in UHD resolution. The fine-pitch pixels choices and size configurations perfectly accommodate a wide range of viewing distances and applications. Each is in an exact 16.9 aspect ratio – so there is no need to reformat or resize images – which fits standard content supplied via a multitude of sources, as easily as if connecting to a monitor.

Not only has Delta made it easy to choose the most suitable pixel size, the aluminum die-cast frame allows for precise installation for perfect alignment. Each LED module attaches magnetically to the cabinet for ease of installation and serviceability. The power supply developed by Delta and optimized for the FE Series supports the level of quality and durability that Delta stands for.

“The FE Series will accelerate the uptake of LED Narrow Pixel Pitch thanks to the way we now standardize the configuration, installation and maintenance of our 16:9 LED video wall displays,” says Holger Graeff, General Manager Delta Displays EMEA. “Now, the power of LED technology can be offered easier and faster by any of our AV Partners for use in a wide range of environments, with the reassurance of Delta’s know-how in video wall and control room applications for durable and long lasting solutions at low maintenance costs.”

Key Features

There are dozens and dozens of companies marketing fine pitch displays and offering the kind of specs and service Delta is touting. But can’t remember seeing anyone packaging things up in this way, so it feels more like an LCD video wall set-up and possibly more comfortable to think about selling and installing for integrators who don’t have their heads wrapped around fine pitch LED just yet. It likely helps that the modules are in 16:9 format, which will seem more familiar than the squares and 4:3s and other shapes I see among LED makers.

I get, as well, the attraction of a standard 16:9 shape for porting over content from other mediums. BUT … anyone spending serious six figures on a big fine pitch LED display wall should be thinking as much or more about the creative suited to the location and moment, and NOT about getting a giant screen in placer and re-purposing some video that was already in the can.

Delta isn’t terribly well known in North America but it’s a BIG company. It had its own large room at InfoComm China, where I first bumped into the company earlier this year.

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