Video: LCD Shelf Label Strips At Gatwick Duty Free Drive 40%-50% Sales Lift

November 29, 2017 by Dave Haynes

A post the other day referenced shelf-edge display strips in a set of chiller fridges in the U.S., with my covering comment that I’d seen that sort of thing in trade shows but wondered if there were real-world deployments.

That one was using LED strips. This one – at World Duty Free in London’s Gatwick airport – uses LCD strips. I don’t know how the technologies compare in terms of cost, but LCD allows a lot more pixels in a small footprint – so that the strips can function as attractors, but do double-duty as electronic shelf labels with small but legible fonts.

The screens play sync’d videos across a three-sided gondola. World Duty Free says brands displayed on the ESLs get a sales uplift of +40-50% compared to others in the same promotion.

The tech is from UK-based SFD Systems, which is focused on electronic shelf label systems.

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